Contessa Delyn

Very gorgeous, happy, positive, bubbly character who is used to charming to get what she wants


AC = 16 Reflex = 11 Fortitude = 13 Will = 18

Charisma = 22 Wisdom = 16 Constitution = 15 Intell = 10 Dex = 10 Strength = 8

Weapon: Longbow & Wand Implement


1) Your character is asked to describe himself before a court filled with people he respects. Magic will reveal outright lies, but not subtle nuances of deceit. How would your character describe him/herself and how would s/he account for her life so far?

  • I am _very _used to getting what I want in life. Growing up, my “parents” taught me how to get what I want in life. Whether I have to charm my way to get it, get it by force, or it just naturally seems to happen for me. When I walk into a room people always pay attention. I guess I’m just naturally charismatic…hee hee:) I never knew my real parents and no one would ever really tell me.

When I play my harp or sing, the world seems to just stand still and pay attention. I just seem to have been born with this natural ability. Sometimes I get carried away-hours pass, though no one tells me to stop.

I long for more though, things have been too easy-there must be more to life. I want challenges and adventures, but most of all, I want to know where I came from.

0.5) Later that night you get totally hammered on Dwarven Wine and Elvish Ale (a bad combo). Completely bombed, how do you now answer question -1 to the bard you are drinking with who you’ll never see again after tonight?

“OMG! You are a bard too?!” I would giggle and then change the subject or distract them in some way.

0) Of the common virtues like honesty, courage, loyalty, friendliness, intelligence, honor and the like, which ones does your character value highly in others? Which does s/he possess in spades? Which does s/he THINK s/he has, but really doesn’t? What qualities in a person will make you hate them?

I really appreciate intelligence. I love to pick a man…or I mean person with a big brain blush. Above all though, courage is incredibly amazing to me, and something I strive for each and every day.

1) Could everyone make a character who is at least 25-30 years old (or older)? What did you do in that time? Were you training with knights? Working for a pirate? Enslaved to an evil necromancer (or good necromancer)? Provide some details and feel free to add to the world by making assumptions about just about anything – the more you give me to work with the richer your role playing experience is going to be and the more opportunities for your character to be in the spotlight!

Since I can remember, I've been stuck in a quiet small town-where NOTHING happens.  I was raised by my tiefling parents, may Correlon bless them, who taught me many valuable things in life.  My father taught me how to defend myself and my mother has always been experimenting with magic and rituals. When I was young (I would say 8 or 9), I found some letters and paintings locked away and hidden in my father's shop (he is a jeweler). They were beautiful depictions of love, battles and war. One in particular was of a great silver dragon, with an elf on its saddle and an emblem on his chest. I've been completely obsessed with dragons ever since.
The letters spoke to my teifling father of a great betrayal in his kingdom, and the paternity of the heir has been questioned. The rest is faded and illegible.

I can’t even imagine how any of this could pertain to my father in any way. He is very quiet and never goes anywhere.

2) What happened to your family? Do you still have a mom & dad out there on a farm? Brothers and sisters? Describe your character’s voice. Would you say s/he speaks with formality? Casually? Does s/he have any favorite expressions/curses? I tend to talk alot and my voice is a little high pitched and light. I am also very articulate and everyone seems to listen to what I have to say. I giggle alot and find humor in the strangest of things-sometimes people look at me funny. *

3) What is your character’s favorite food? Drink? What does the character hate? * I have a weakness for pastries…mmmmmm.

4) Describe character’s first battle, first hunt, or first killing of another person. Try to make it as vivid as possible, including the character’s age, training and experience, plus details on the surroundings (weather, terrain, uniforms or clothing of self & others).

I have yet to kill anyone.

5) Your character is the butt of a practical joke. Could your character see the humor in it? Would your character get even? Does getting even mean staging another practical joke, or something else?

I would laugh with them…and get them back once they were alone…One should only laugh with me, never at me…you don’t want to hurt my feelings.

6) Your character is plagued by a recurring nightmare/dream. Describe the dream.

I have never told anyone…

A mysterious man riding a horse a shade of ebony so dark that light could not escape its coat , and following him was a wave of destruction so great that one may wonder whether he was Death himself. When the moon rose, he swept into the village, a sword with bright stars encrusting the handle in his hand, he rode into crowds of women and children and slaughtered the lot with a cold murderous hand and the precision of a master fighter. The mothers and their children tried to run away, but the man followed them further, and when he failed to strike, a force like a fierce gale the color of a scream long since past cut through the peaceful night sky, and struck the innocents down with horrid pain. Everything turns black…

7) Everybody has some little item that they regard as somehow sacred. A piece of clothing, a memento of some event, whatever. What is your character’s sacred item? Tell the story of how your character found it, or why it came to be important.

I stole the letter I found and am determined to meet the one who wrote it. It may have been my true father.

8) Does your character sleep well? What kind of dreams does s/he have, if any?

I usually sleep well, though never fully rested. It feels like I’m anxious and waiting for something.

9) To your character does revenge mean (1) “an eye for an eye” (2) “repayment with interest” (3) the only good enemy is a dead enemy or something else? Do you serve revenge hot, as soon as possible, or cold, awaiting a perfect place and time?

Do not cross me…I will not stop until I feel justified. In the end, everyone will get what they deserve most.

10) You return to a comfortable inn that has housed you in cozy hospitality numerous times over the years. You find that the kindly family has just been threatened, beaten up and robbed. You track down the leader and capture him. What will you do now?

  • I would cut out his eyes, so that he may never see beauty again, I would cut off his ears, so he may never hear a word of praise, finally I would cut out his tongue, so that he would have no excuses to tell. Then, I would bring him to court and so justice may be served.

11) What would provoke you to kill a commoner?

Only if they threatened me or harmed my family and those I love.

12) Do you fear/respect/love the gods? Which ones? Why?

I worship Correlon. He represents all that is beauty and grace. It is through him that all happens. His love is like the rain and seeps in to all that will take him-renewing and refreshing life and love. *

13) What is your character’s biggest mistake/regret?

I regret not leaving this small town. I am meant for something more, I know it, I feel it. I need to leave this all behind, my future lies elsewhere and I must take it.*

Contessa Delyn

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