Seven Sisters

Map of the Land of Seven Sisters

  1. The Hag – small town, southernemost, at the edge of The Fen.
  2. The Hag – small town, southernemost, at the edge of The Fen.
  3. The Hag – small town, southernemost, at the edge of The Fen.
  4. The Hag – small town, southernemost, at the edge of The Fen.
  5. The Hag – small town, southernemost, at the edge of The Fen.
  6. The Hag – small town, southernemost, at the edge of The Fen.
  7. The Hag – small town, southernemost, at the edge of The Fen.

Our story begins in the Land of Seven Sisters.

  • It is the time of the Spring Festival, when a large merchant caravan comes to the area and there is the year’s largest celebration.
  • Seven Sisters is just EAST of the mountains, and therefore just EAST of the Ageless Empire, where the previous party had most of their adventures. To the NORTH lies the Greater Schism, to the SOUTHEAST the desert. Due South is a small trading city. Trader’s Road is the only connection between the rough & tumble, wild, untamed land of the Seven Sisters and real civilization.
  • The Seven Sisters is named for a constellation; each town named for a star.
  • The Hag is the Southernmost town. Trader’s Road ends at it’s southern gate. It is located at the edge of a swamp/fen called, The Fen or Hag’s Fen.
  • The Fen is fed by the Black River, which comes down out of the mountains to the East.
  • In the foothills near the Black River lies The Old Dame, a small mining town that supplies COAL to the area.
  • Following the Black River EAST from the Old Dame you will encounter The Foundling, a fortified Inn located just West of where the Black River splits. The south fork turns south towards the Fen.
  • Keep going EAST along the Black River and you will pass the ruins of the Cursed Sister, a town destroyed about 50 years ago. The ruins are said to be haunted. The town was destroyed by Melora, because the settlers cut down living trees to build the town.
  • Continuing EAST along the Black River *you reach *Twin Lake, where The Elder (twin) and The Younger (twin) are nestled along the NW and SE banks, respectively.
  • In the NW of the mountains, Dragon Falls forms the head of The Wyrmling, a clean, clear river that flows South, then SE, eventually joining the Black River just East of the Cursed Sister (which used to be called The Marm).
  • North and a bit West of the Cursed Sister, nestled in heavy woods, lies The Maiden, home of many elves.
  • Further North from there, in the mountains, pours the Gem River, alongside which we find The Mistress (a mining town with gem and metal mines). a bit SE the Gem River forks. In the fork is Bella, the newest sister (replacing the Marm). The Gem River heads south all the way to enter Twin Lake near where the Black River does.
  • The populations of the towns range from 200-2000 with most at about 800. The lands between are wild and dangerous. The people who live here tend to be rough and fearless. By foot, travel between the towns takes about a week or so. Downriver, travel is much faster!
  • Culturally, the people revere Bards and Trees. People respect storytellers, singers and performers. A merchant who comes without a bard or musician will sell no wares as it is seen as bad luck. Example: a child carelessly running through the streets collides with a bard…he is beaten. People step aside and a Bard spends no coin in any tavern. Harming a tree without cause is not tolerated. A man might by lynched. The towns have informal leadership and pay no taxes. They see themselves as protected by Melora and each town has a small temple in her honor.


  • Unaligned God
  • Gender: female
  • Domain: Life, Sea, Wilderness
  • Melora is the god of the wilderness and the sea. She is both the wild beast and the peaceful forest, the raging whirlpool and the quiet desert. Rangers, hunters, and elves revere her, and sailors make offerings to her before beginning their voyages. Her strictures are these: Protect the wild places of the world from destruction and overuse. Oppose the rampant spread of cities and empires. Hunt aberrant monsters and other abominations of nature. Do not fear or condemn the savagery of nature. Live in harmony with the wild.

Seven Sisters

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