The Hag

General Information

Located at the northern end of Trader’s Road, The Hag is the closest connection from the Seven Sisters to civilized lands. The entire region is considered dangerous frontier, and as such it has attracted hardy folk who desire to live their lives generally without the interference of tax collectors and merchant lords. Fugitives are also attracted to this place as they are unlikely to be known, turned in, or otherwise harassed as long as they don’t cause trouble.

The Hag is the largest of the Seven Sisters. Merchant caravans bring the Spring Fair (in spring!) here each year and local merchants meet the fair with wagons & boats and negotiate contracts for the following season. Trappers, hunters and furriers get the best prices in the Hag. Goods cost the least in the Hag. Most travel deeper into the frontier goes north by boat through the Fen.

Culturally, the Hag-folk revere Bards, Music and trees. It is a crime to harm a living tree. Harming a bard is likely to end with a mob lynching. The people believe that the Cursed Sister was destroyed by Melora because the folk there cut down living trees to construct a toll barrier across The Black River.


Population varies between 200-500, with populations being the highest during Spring Festival. Seasonal holidays also bring population spikes. When nothing special is happening, 200-300 people live here.

Important People

Magistrate Marril Shipsail (Human)

The Magistrate is interested in t

Advisory Council Members (4)

Grace Milner, Councilwoman

Human scion of an old bloodline, she is a learned scholar whose pension does not afford her a life in as greater city.

Panril Goblinsfoe, Councilman

Retired Halfling Outrider and Trader

Trakas Stormtooth, Councilman

Dragonborn Ranger, Trakas spends most of his time in The Hag. He hires out for a retainer plus percentage on missions that interest him.

Norhand Gladomain, Councilman.

Elven Warden.

High Merchant Walgeon Mineshadow (Dwarf)

Owner of the Clover Mead

Important Places

The Clover Mead Tavern

The Clover Mead was cursed when a Bard was killed by accident in a bar fight. Rather than burn it down or close it forever, Chleah the Barmaid convinced the townsfolk that the tavern should remain open as long as the sound of singing or music never stopped within its taproom. The owner, High Merchant Mineshadow, has considered renaming the place to something more fitting like The Eternal Note or Bard’s Respite.

Features & Landmarks

The Hag

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