• Blight


    Evil Fey Necromancer responsible for attacks on various small settlements.
  • Chleah Ephemere

    Chleah Ephemere

    A Changling Scorceress who likes to... OOH! Shiny!
  • Contessa Delyn

    Contessa Delyn

    Very gorgeous, happy, positive, bubbly character who is used to charming to get what she wants
  • Groug


    A hulking human, standing seven feet tall, wielding an execution axe to carve a slice of roast for a child.
  • Osrik Greywarden

    Osrik Greywarden

    Blood and bloody ashes! I'm a grouchy dwarf outcast who murders for revenge. Also, a cleric/wizard.
  • Prak


    Gnome/Wererat Rogue
  • Vanastalia  Elrohirrin

    Vanastalia Elrohirrin

    This Dusk Elf is on a journey to complete her training.